Cancer Moon ~ Use It to “Know Thyself”!

Everyone’s Moon moves into the sign of Cancer once a month.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and the 4th house of the zodiac. I can’t help but think of a transiting Cancer Moon as a doubly moody Moon.
Of course, for each of us it will manifest differently dependent upon which house it is moving through in each individual’s chart and the aspects it makes to other planets.  But here is information that applies to everyone based on the archetype of Cancer.
Cancer is a feminine sign; it’s passive and is associated with the element of water. The 4th house is associated with “the womb” and therefore has connections with family or whatever the soul considers as being ‘safety of the home’ or the actual home itself. The archetype of the 4th house and Moon is the phenomenon of ego and subjective consciousness for the purpose of creating an evolving self-image. So issues of one’s ego and self-image could be triggered due to the 4th house association of the Moon’s rulership of this area.
With the Moon in Cancer we can tend to reach for emotional intimacy and then withdraw for the purpose of emotional security and containment. Think: the crab withdrawing into its shell.
Also, since the 4th house association with Cancer deals with one or both parents as well, we could find issues of emotional displacement from childhood coming up to the surface when the Moon is in it’s own sign of Cancer. Additionally, the Cancer/Capricorn axis can bring up inner issues having to do with male/female distortions–Cancer being the female end of the spectrum and Capricorn the male. We may find that we crave emotional nurturing at this time since the Moon in Cancer has to do with nurturing energy.
The Moon rules the stomach, so this area of the body may also be triggered. All of this considered, I think security issues are where we are most likely to see any unresolved distortions of this energy play out or manifest i.e. the “wounded child” and that type of thing. Early childhood wounds sometimes become “stuck” in the subconscious and displaced due to the early defenses of the child to overwhelming parental conditioning. The Moon connects to our “emotional” reality and the nature of the emotional body.
Due to man-made religious conditioning which has given us a distorted view that the source of security lies somewhere outside of self, a transiting Cancer Moon can help us evolve toward the true sense of security which comes from within. As one famous evolutionary astrologer (Green) once said, Sometimes the famous rug has to be pulled out from underneath the famous feet to enforce the idea that security is within.
On a more mundane level, a transiting Cancer Moon can favor domestic activities, home decor and family gatherings. In all of these cases, however, the hungry Cancer Moon is seeking emotional security and a sense of belonging and nurturing.
Emotional energy will be running high during this time and generally we may tend to take things very personally… the Moon will be reflecting the issues of your Sun to a high degree. And the house that your own personal Moon rules in your chart will give you a hint as to how your own security issues are likely to manifest for you. Where your natal Moon sits is an indicator of how you seek to have your emotional needs met.
No matter which way we cut it, when the Moon transits it’s own sign of Cancer,  emotions will likely be running high and sensitivities will be hightened too.
If you are psychic, look for the Moon in Cancer to be a time when you can be super-psychic if you can discern the difference between your own emotional responses and true psychic sensitivity.
How to work with the Cancer Moon
Study your emotions and learn from them if you can. Observe the emotions of others and in light of the information in this post, you will likely understand what type of emotional security that person is seeking. This can help you understand not only yourself better but your friend and family too.
Here are some quotes on emotional awareness to help you work with the Cancer Moon:
    • You are on the Earth with a personality to learn about those parts of your self that need to be healed.
    • The intentions of your Soul are harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life.
    • The intellect has been demoted. [referring to the new paradigm] The intellect is no longer the chairman of the board. It is an employee. It is at the service of the heart.
    • It is necessary to become intimately aware of your self. Emotional Self Awareness! Until you become emotionally self aware, you won’t know what it is you need to heal. And, therefore, you won’t be able to heal it.
    • Your emotions show you the parts of yourself that are operating outside of your field of awareness. You need to be aware of your emotions because your emotions are the force-field of your Soul.
    • You cannot experience your Soul without experiencing your emotions. And this is not the same as projecting your emotions outside of your self (blame). And it is not the same as the intellect assigning a word like “anger” or “jealousy”–those are only
      words. You must feel your emotional body, not the intellect.
    • You must feel the emotions within the body–in the throat, or the chest or the solar plexus. You must feel the emotional body, not the intellect. The intellect is no longer running the show.
    • You can meditate until you leave the Earth School and you can read spiritual scriptures and psychology books or you can study theology and you can pray, but until you can FEEL and UNDERSTAND the MESSAGES and GIFTS that your feelings bring you, YOU WON’T BE IN TOUCH WITH YOUR SOUL.
    • There are parts of the Soul that are here to heal and until you have found the roots of compulsions, obsessions, fixations and addictions, it doesn’t matter how many times you set the intention for harmony and cooperation or sharing and reverence for life, as soon as something activates a compulsion, you will re-act (act again) the same way you have in the past.
    • Emotional awareness creates a fundamental step in creating your own freedom.
      Unconscious emotions run our lives until we become aware of them!
    • Make it a practice to know what is going on inside of your body.
    • Notice the places in your body where you process your emotions.
    • Look inward for the reason for the emotion–don’t project or blame others for those emotions.
    • This is being emotionally responsible… able to respond. And this is the start of being able to respond in wisdom.
    • Emotional awareness is your ability to continually receive information about your self that is important for you to know about your self.
    • Emotions are the force-field of your Soul–messages from your Soul.
    • Emotional awareness is your ability to receive MESSAGES FROM YOUR SOUL.