Moon in TAURUS

Moon in Taurus

The Taurus archetype is explained here.  This information can be applied to the transiting Moon in Taurus OR the Natal Moon in Taurus.

What is it that we will likely seek to comfort us and make us happy when the Moon is in Taurus?

How can we work with the cosmic energy of the Taurean Moon to understand our self and others?  Is there a way to elevate the Taurus Lunar energies and harmonize with them?

I will try to answer those questions. When I think of Taurus, I think of “Earth Spirit” and also “simplicity”. In the image in this post, what do we see? Nature, the outdoors, the lush valley, butterflies and flowers… the enchantment with nature.

In a transit situation, we are just coming off of an Arian Moon… the hot furnace, the fire. The consciousness of Taurus, however,  is like ancient Celtic energy.   And what comes to mind is green grass and leaves, birds singing and the seeking of a connection with the Soul of the Earth itself.

In contrast to Aries where the Ram was posturing for battle, the Taurean Bull is tranquil, in control of his world, beyond fear…. no war, only peace. When the Moon was in Taurus, this energy seeks peace, tranquility and security itself.

And in it’s highest expression Taurus finds security by grounding in the Earth and doesn’t want to talk as much as it just wants to feel. The consciousness of Taurus is very deep, yet simple. I will tell you about the lower expression of this energy in a moment.

Maybe you’re not typically a nature lover, but what will help your mood and emotional body feel good is to connect with nature in some way when the Moon is transiting through this sign.  If  your birth Moon is in Taurus, use these descriptions to help you understand what makes you feel emotionally secure. 

When the Moon transits through Taurus, you may see that your family and friends have a desire to do something outdoors or tend go off to find simplicity in nature in some way. Mother Earth relates to the bull and so a walk in the woods or a quiet hour by a flowing stream… these are healing cures that would be very satisfying when the Moon is in Taurus.

Communication from others when the Moon is in Taurus may be lacking a bit… again, Taurus doesn’t like to talk, and silence is its friend. Taurus is ruled by Venus and so we have to bring “beauty” into the discussion and in the case of Taurus, it is usually beauty found in the natural world. You may find that you (or others in your life) will seek silence and simplicity when the Moon is in Taurus.

And by the way, Taurus has an aversion to emotional drama and would rather feel the earth under the feet and a tasty bit of fruit in the mouth than to deal with emotional drama and trauma. Taurus has a quiet reverence for silence. If your friends are not receptive to hearing about your emotional chaos while the Moon transits this sign, don’t be surprised.

If you want to feel happy and content, work in harmony with the Taurian energies just described.

The lower expression of Taurus has to do with seeking security in the form of the type that comes from money and possessions. Taurus, after all, rules the 2nd house which is associated with what is valued. And that can be money–the other type of green energy far removed from nature.

When the Moon is in Taurus, it’s a good time to ask your self what is of most value in the life. Is it life’s simple pleasures? Or a fat bank account? Issues around those questions could be triggered with this energy. The Taurus shadow-side involves stagnating the growth that comes from new experience by being unmovable, stubborn and finding “too much” solace in the old and familiar.

Generally speaking, the Moon is exalted in Taurus and brings out a gentle easy flow of emotions and grounds them.

My suggestion involves seeking comfort in nature and trying not to focus too much on the bank balance. Harmonize with this Moon’s energy by affirming the abundance of nature…   and remind your self that there is always new growth and re-birth.

You will be happiest if you follow the natural tendency to seek simple pleasures and allow others to do the same.

Enjoy the Taurus Moon!