The Hungry Moon!

“Be more than food for the Moon…
Be what you came here for.”

– Kathi Lawder

This post is to catch up with the Moon! Darn ole’ Moon, anyway…. moves faster than I can keep up lately! I heard something the other day about the Moon that I’d not considered before. The Moon is hungry! Never thought of it that way before. The reference was given in terms of the Moon’s phases. When dark (no moon), it was said, that the Moon is the ‘most’ hungry emotionally…. it is craving the emotional qualities of the particular sign (and of course, on a more personal level, the house/area of experience) that it’s passing through.

I thought that I’d take that theory and see how it correlates.

Libra Moon

But first, I’ve got some catching up to do! I left off when the Moon was back in Libra. Since Libra is about balance, it would (I guess) make sense that when the Moon is in that sign, we are emotionally yearning for balance, and those other Libra qualities–which are:

  • harmony and equilibrium
  • peace
  • beauty and artistry
  • love — oh, how could I nearly forget THAT one! ha ha

Libra energy tolerates paradox; meaning it can see two sides to things–which accounts for Libra’s well-known quality of indecisiveness.

Now, since I was neglectful and lost track of the Libra Moon time, I have to go back into my memory. I do remember blogging (earlier post) that I had a balanced day… well, balanced as far as “a little of this and a little of that” (regarding my daily activities at that time). Emotionally (which is what we’re talking about when we discuss the Moon), I felt fairly balanced because I sought and found a day that included a balance of varied activities. So much for the Libra Moon which was around March 12th and 13th.

Scorpio Moon

Then the Moon moved into Scorpio… deep, dark and hypnotic. A few key words there to start us out but Scorpio is about getting to the bottom of things, probing kind of detective stuff. It is associated with psychology and metaphysics and the occult. This is what a “hungry” Scorpio Moon would be seeking to feel emotionally happy/secure. I wanted to be left alone! That’s what I remember about how I felt around the 15th. It seems to correlate.

Sagittarius Moon

The Moon’s been in Sag for a few days now… hungry for anything BIG and HAPPY! Those are a few key words for Sag (ruled by huge Jupiter). This is general because we really have to filter in the house, which is different for everyone–the house, the area of life experience. But let’s just stick with the generalities. The hunger has to be big–huge in fact–when the Moon is in Sag. And Sag is about philosophy, teaching/education, the ultimate search for the “meaning of life”–all that is Sagittarius, including the search for one’s destiny in the cosmic scheme of things–and as Steve Forrest says, “… in practice this attainment is harder than walking up a flagpole.” ha ha

For Sagittarius, there is no clear ending to the search, only and endless process

It is not entertainment I am seeking. It is understanding. Understanding, understanding, and more understanding. I will stuff myself with it, sniff it up with every pore, cram it into every orifice. Someday it will pay off. Everything will fall into its proper place, and I will, at last understand! — Laurel Coldman

I have to say that for the past few days, and currently, with the Moon in Sag, this pretty much describes it for me personally. I’ve been looking at life from different viewpoints, looking for the answer to the illusive questions and finding no resource as helpful as faith–another Sag keyword, faith. Sag is about FREEDOM too, wanting freedom from limitation and constraints. That, the past few days I can relate to as well. (Mostly freedom from my own fearful mind, if truth be told! And every time I think I’ve made it! I get another chance to be sure! ha ha)

Okay, so we’re caught up on the Moon’s and have come back around to where I started this diatribe on the Transiting Moon through the signs! As a matter of fact, in 30 minutes from the final edit of this post, the Moon will move into Capricorn, which is where we started. I just had an idea; maybe I will take the Moon through the Houses for the next 30 days worth of posts.

A Zen story describes three men observing a flag fluttering in the breeze:
One man says, “The wind is moving the flag.”
The second man says, “No, the flag is moving the wind.”
The third man says, “You are both wrong; it is your mind that is moving.”

– Dick Sutphen in “The Oracle Within”

On a final note… I’ve tried to “enable comments” for this BLOG but to no avail… at this point I’m going to have to give up on it! So, no comments on the BLOG… not because I don’t want any, but because I can’t seem to get it enabled. Trust me folks, I’ve tried! the only option being starting the formatting for the whole blog all over again. After uploading the pictures and quotes in the side bar, which took me more hours than I’d care to admit, let’s just agree that reformatting the whole blog from scratch isn’t going to happen!

However, I invite you to drop me an email if you’d care to make a comment about any of the blog posts here.