Sit Right Down And Write Your Self a Letter!

A letter From Your Spirit Guides

This post is about writing…. some would call it automatic writing.
(Automatic writing is when a spirit takes over your hand.)

This post is about Inspirational Writing.

You are “inspired”… in spirit-ed.

It’s easy to do. You begin a dialogue. Open a Word document or any writing program you have or grab a pen and paper. Ever read the book “Conversations With God”? Just like that!

Just write a question and write what you are inspired to write as an answer! That’s talking to yourself, you say? Maybe. Maybe NOT.

Just try it. Write, “Spirit Guide are you there?” and you receive and answer and then ask the next question and then the next. How you know you’re not just talking to yourself? YOU ARE TALKING TO YOURSELF… but there are many layers to “You”. Your Higher Self has lots of connections–and that’s what you’re going for: the Higher Version of You. Those connections to your Higher Self contain Spirit Guides, working under “the direction of” the Higher Self.

Just write what comes and don’t analize the process while you’re writing… that crimps the flow. Wait until you’re completely finished to read it. The more you practice this way, the stronger the connection will be.

I did it myself this evening–sat right down and wrote my Self a letter! “Look at where Mar is!” That was the answer to one of my questions. So, okay–I open my software program and Mars is crossing my descendent. That explains quite alot!

I got to the bottom of some other concerns too! Don’t knock it until you try it! As crazy as it sounds, it actually works.

Spirit Guide are you there? Anyone there?

Yes, we always with you.

Can you tell me what is going on with me right now–why I’m feeling this way?

Check the location of Mars and you will see.

Transiting Mars?


I began to look at the aspects “to” Mars which didn’t really tell me much and then I stood back and looked at it with different eyes. Mars is crossing my descendent!

Oh? What does that mean, you say? Well, anytime a planet crosses a sensitive point, which the Descendent ‘is’, it triggers some stuff. That’s the short version of the answer; it’s a bit more complicated, but that gives you the idea.

Regarding the writing, the concept involved is to simply listen to what is being said and write down what you hear, or what you THINK you are hearing!

Working with pen and paper or a computer writing program, brings us half way there…. we naturally begin to OPEN when we are poised to write. The next thing is to take a deep breath, maybe say a little prayer or mantra to shift to a higher state of awareness and relax…. going with the “flow” as they say.