How do you recognize Spirit Communication?

Many people ask me how to know the difference between spirit guide communications versus left brain ego dialogue.

First of all, that’s a very good question. And while I could write a book on that topic, I will try to make a few points here.

The ego will communicate in ways that are much different that spirit guides. I think a good place to start is with the word “guide” itself.

A “guide” does just that–they don’t call ’em guides for nothen‘!

A guide will not tell you what to do… they guide you, giving you insight and sometimes in personal dialogue with you will ask you questions to help you realign with your life plan. After all, their job is to keep you on track with the life goals that you have set for yourself. Spirit guides speak to you in ways that are very loving and encouraging as well. You can be sure that if you hear a critical voice in your head–that’s not your spirit guide. It’s your egoic mind which sometimes repeats critical messages that you’ve heard directed to you over your lifetime. These are old tapes playing… mother’s (or someone else’s) critical voice and so forth. Another thing is that many times the ego mind wants to keep you sticking with the old, safe life patterns.

This is why many times in the beginning stages of psychic development, people feel overly-cautious or express concern that this is a dangerous area to work in–their ego doesn’t know anything about these areas and feels like its loosing control.

(And it is!) The egoic mind and the logical mind sort of work together sometimes, trying to keep you out of areas that it knows nothing about. This is normal and it soon passes. The idea is to eventually solicit the ego mind and the logical mind to follow in line behind the Higher Mind. It’s like a re-training process and it takes a while (dependent upon the individual and their level of resistance) to be able to accomplish the transfer of power. It involves releasing one’s will to a Higher Will and ego doesn’t like to do that and the logical mind can think of a million reasons why not to do that.

Persistence is the key, however. But all throughout the process, the ego will try to keep you from risking embarrassment (what if the neighbors find out your dabbling in the realms of psychism?) and failure (what if you try to do a reading for someone and make a fool of yourself?). People get past this stage, but it may take a while, depending on how developed the ego actually ‘is’.

The egoic mind is not bad; it is there to protect us… but it need not protect us from Spirit World and Higher Self. Anything the ego doesn’t know anything about, it tries to stifle–unfortunately, that suppresses growth and spiritual evolution.

One of the most wonderful things in my life (well, not THE most wonderful, but one) was a time when spirit guides were… well, guiding me. They were persistent and repetitive. But they did not tell me what to do, per se. Let me explain. They used a phrase like “Why don’t you?” Here’s what I mean. A friend suggested (rather strongly and persistently) that I pick up a news paper on the way home to check out a house for rent. I really didn’t have the time to move, nor the money–even though I really want to move. After leaving my friend, I headed for home to finish an assignment for a college course and really wanted to get back to finish it. In fact, I was rather in a hurry to do so.

As I approached the one (and only) store that sells newspapers, I was hearing, “There’s the store that sells newspapers, you could stop in and get one.” I ignored the voice and just wanted to get home. As the store was within turning distance, again I heard, “You could stop in here and get a paper.” And again, I ignored the suggestion. After I passed the store, then I hear, “You could have gotten a paper to check out the houses for rent.” I kept driving. And yet again, “Why didn’t you stop at the store and get the paper?”

Enough! I said. Fine, I will go and get the paper! And I turned the car around and got the paper. To make a long story short, I ended up calling the lady with the house rental listing. And ended up finding the most wonderful house and between then and

move-in time I somehow had enough money for the deposit and moving expenses. I’m in that most wonderful house now as I write this post–yet, had I not gotten the paper on that day, I’d still be in that old, falling apart drafty old house. There’s a lot more to this story, but I think I’ve made the point.

And the point is that I’ve given an example of how spirit guides can guide us and most importantly dialogue with us–notice they did not tell me what to do (exactly), they just heavily suggested it, with great persistence!

One last point, spirit guides will never suggest that you do anything dangerous or cruel and will never speak to you in an unkind way. In my experience, they’ve always been patient and loving. Although (as in the example above) sometimes they are very persistent.

I know it wasn’t my ego mind telling me to get the newspaper, nor even my logical mind. Logically, I knew I didn’t have the money or the time. And my ego wouldn’t have believed I could have moved in the first place–that was the part of me that just wanted to get my college assignment finished.

Anyway, more about this type of thing in the next blog. That’s all for this time.

Meanwhile, I lost track of the Moons! I got carried away with updating my website, changing the home page and making some much needed improvements and corrections. There’s still more to do, but I got side tracked for a few days and didn’t post about the Moon like I’ve been doing.

That urge to do some work on my website was probably helped along by the Moon being in Virgo at the time. I left off posting with the Cancer Moon and this month the Cancer Moon wasn’t too much of a bug-a-boo for me. Deep feelings–I can agree to that I guess–but the irritability that I sometimes feel with the Cancer Moon didn’t seem evident this time around.

Hey! Satori! I bet that’s where the phrase “this time around” comes from! The Moon going around the zodiac each month! — this time around, meaning the Moon moving through all the signs once every 30 days!
Anyway, the Virgo Moon (I’m certain of it!) helped me make the detailed corrections on my web page…and I’m sure when it hit transiting Saturn in Virgo (Saturn being hard work) and Virgo being about picky details, the combo caused me to be up nearly 48 hours straight (with a few hours napping here and there) while creating some new web pages. I just went back and check in with my astrology software program and I see that the 2 days that I worked nearly around the clock, the Moon was in Virgo!
The Leo Moon just previous to that was hitting my natal Saturn, probably pushing me in those same directions. Leo likes to be noticed and likes attention. My web page was very slow loading and maybe the Leo Moon was helping me to think about getting more “attention” on my website?
The reason I’m posting about this Moon stuff is that I’ve been blogging about how the transiting Moon affects energy as it moves through zodiac during the monthly cycle (see earlier posts).

Now (currently/today) the Moon is in Libra–my sign! My Natal Sun and Moon are both in Libra.

As a matter of fact I’m having a Lunar return currently–the Libra Moon is making an exact conjunction with my Natal Moon at the time of this post, at 19 degrees. Libra Moon seeks balance. Peace and Harmony is the Libra Moon’s desire. Also, and most importantly the Libra Moon seeks balance. Libra is inherently ‘out of balance’ and is constantly seeking it.
I think I’ve had a pretty balance day–work, exercise, rest and a little play too!
My Libra Moon should be fairly happy–it is. šŸ™‚
Until next time dear reader….
Think abundance! And listen for the voice of your Spirit Guides!