Moon in Cancer

The Moon is in Cancer. The Moon RULES Cancer… that’s sort of (for lack of a better definition) like a double Moon. Maybe that’s why my emotions are intense when the Moon is in it’s own sign. Just figured that one out–SATORI! Enlightenment!

Although if there’s any crankiness in me at all today it’s from a bit of soreness lingering from the fall on the ice. Yeah, I know. I wrote that I was no worse for the wear the other day, but I was wrong about that. Delayed reaction! Aside from that, I don’t feel emotionally intense actually; yet the Moon isn’t in my 12th house yet either. That doesn’t happen until tomorrow.

I’ve got good ole’ Cancer on the cusp of the 12th house. The 12th…unstructured consciousness, the subconscious. Makes me wonder if I have some deep seated anger that that transiting Moon triggers at certain times when the Moon hits the 12th house. Well, anger may not be the right word… or maybe it is I don’t know. But it’s more noticeable some months than others.

I tend to have times in life when I ask myself a question like, What in the world is wrong with me today? Why do I have such impatience? It’s at those times that open my astrology program to find my mood… or my Moon (same difference) and sure enough, the Moon is always in that 12th house at those times! Nothing like observation and correlation!

I wonder if it’s that way for everyone? Do people have more intense emotions when their transiting Moon passes through a house that Cancer rules in their natal chart? Rhetorical question I guess. Or one for further study on another day.

Anyway, that’s all that’s on my mind for tonight… just noting the Moon’s transits and trying to be consistent with previous blogs.

Just a last mention on the topic of astrology… I love it!! Its fascinating! Yeah, I know, I know… I really need a life! haha It’s late and I’m off to bed… g’night.