Watch the Ice! & Moon in Aries,Taurus,Gemini

Consistency! Sometimes that’s my biggest problem! Recently I’ve been posting about the Moon and dropped the ball… I mean, the Moon.

I know, dear reader, this may not hold a lot of interest for you, but I’ve simply GOT to finish what I started. Bear with me… pun intended.
See image.

It’s bugging me! So I’ve got to catch up with the Moons. By the way, remind me to tell you about my fall on the ice today — talk about living in the NOW! Ha!

But back to the Moon… when last we left off with the Moon talk the Moon was moving into Aries about to conjunct with Venus.

Every astrology teacher I know has said something like, “If you really want to understand the Moon in the signs, track it for a month as it moves through your own chart!” Sounded like a good idea at the time.

And I put it off until this month. When I started working with the Moon transits here in the blog, it was Capricorn. I believe that was when I started this exercise.

Anyway, I’ve got the Moon transits through Aries and Taurus to catch up blogging about. The moon is now in Gemini! Where does time go?

Time flies… but then, we had a snow storm up here and my focus was on keeping the fire going!
I wasn’t prepared for this snow storm and my wood got covered in ice and snow… what a trip that was–bring in frozen ice covered wood to thaw out! Brrrrr!

Anyway, back to the Moon in Aries. That was a hoot! (Not.) I’ve no idea what Venus had to do with it but right around the time of the Venus/Moon conjunction or wedding (ha! that’s a good way to describe a conjunction–wedding), something did happen that challenged me to keep my Aries emotion under control. It wasn’t a real significant event, but that night around the time that the Aries Moon and Venus were doing their Martian (Mars rules Aries) happy dance in the sky I lost a document that I’d been working on rather intently for several hours.

These two planets were in the 8th house–a house known for ‘intensity’ and depth. The writing I was doing was somewhat psychological and deep and I was working (like I said) pretty intensely on it when shazam, gone! I hit the wrong option on Word and half the work disappeared into the cyber black hole. Yeah, I know all about re-do & document recovery… don’t ask!
Take my word for it, I couldn’t recover it.

I don’t know if anger is the right word… more like passion. Yeah, passion. I had very passionate feelings about that text being lost! So, that’s the Moon in Aries in the 8th for ya’… I guess intense emotions were what prompted me to do the writing in the first place–emotions which intensified even further when the writing got lost!

So much for the Aries Moon. Intense, passionate emotions duly noted. If you’re Moon is in Aries, I understand you a bit better now. How do you do it?

Moving along to the Taurean Moon… Feb. 28th, Mar. 1st and 2nd. What can I say? I didn’t notice a thing emotionally! Probably that’s a good sign in my case, since Taurus is on my MC and the NN is in Taurus too. Taurus is peaceful and calm–it’s better qualities.
My emotions seemed consistent with that. I didn’t feel like blogging! and I didn’t for the past few days–except for the cut and paste job on Universal Laws.

I guess I don’t feel like writing when the Moon is in Taurus–and that’s how it affected me. I just wanted to bliss out! Taurus likes to be silent…seeks peace and tranquility. Taurus doesn’t want to think… just feel.

Now the Moon is in Gemini. Gemini the communicator! And here I am blogging again. The Moon moved into Gemini during the night or said another way, in the wee hours this morning. Fast energy… mental energy. I wonder if that contributed to my fall on the ice earlier this evening! I was thinking fast and my feet were moving as fast my mind.

I was thinking about a pagoda solar light that I thought may be broken. Since it was getting dark, I entered through the back because I wanted to see if it was still working since we had Sun today. When I saw that it was, I was talking to myself about how I may buy another one this year since I like it so much. So the mind was going a mile a minute and I forgot about the ice! Just 10 minutes before I went out that same door and noted the ice and walked carefully.

Then I drove to the country store, came back, promptly forgot it, slipped faster than you can say Jack Rabbit and landed pretty squarely on my butt!

Can I blame this on the transiting Gemini Moon? Gemini is “alert intelligence”–can’t say that either quality was evident when I ignored the detail of the ice that I already knew was there! Yet, when I hit the deck I was chattering away to myself… another Gemini quality! Chatter! I guess you could say this blog post is evident of that, eh?

( At the time of my dive on the ice, my NATAL Moon was making an sesquiquadrate to transiting Mercury, Chiron and Mars. )

You know what I thought about when my butt hit the ice covered cement? Well, I mean after I questioned my spirit guides for not saving me from the fall? And yes, they have done so in the past–once I felt a large hand grab my arm and definitively yank me upward. I was barefoot at the time and just about to land on a wet floor in the garage (the washing machine was leaking water and my son-in-law had just painted the garage floor–slick! I tell you, slick!) Honestly, I did an exotic unbalanced wiggle and then distinctly felt a large, strong hand on my upper arm forcefully yanking me upward… I just stood there and said, “Thank you–whoever did that just now!” And I didn’t move a muscle for about 2 minutes; I just stood there feeling such awe.

Another time, while mowing the lawn, I stepped backwards to angle the mower in a different direction. I was in a fairly confined space in the backyard where a concrete slab exists, put there by the owner before I moved in here. I caught the heel of my sneaker on the corner of the concrete slab and lost my balance. The slab has a few steel rods sticking up out of the concrete and had a Spirit not pushed me forward at that moment, I would have fell back on one of them. Without a doubt that’s right where I was headed when I felt a large hand on my back pushing me forcefully forward so that I could regain my balance! Again, I felt in awe. No such awe tonight. I was stunned when I hit the ground! I guess I had it coming–I knew that ice was there. How could I have forgotten?

After I said, “Hey! How come you guys let me fall like this?”, my next thought was something like, “Well ‘this’ is living in the NOW!” I surely came right back into the present moment! I was fully and completely in my body, parts of which were kissing the ice covered sidewalk! I could feel the gyration vibrate all the way up my skeletal system, through my jaw to the top of my head, when I struck the ground—talk about GROUNDING!! haha If ever there was a moment that I was fully in my body and fully in the ‘now’–that was it! Nothing hurts and so I’m no worse for the wear.

Well, the Moon will be in Gemini for another day–so there’s more observation time.

Thursday night, the 5th, the Moon moves into Cancer around 7 pm Eastern time. Typically, I’m not a happy camper with the Moon is in Cancer or when it’s in my 12th house. I don’t really get why–but I’ve just noticed that. Sometimes when the moon is in Cancer or in house 12 I get really cranky! I’ve not been able to correlate why exactly.

OK, so this is my post for today… I have some other thoughts but will save those for another day, another post. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to a warming trend and SPRING!
It can’t come soon enough! haha Bye, bye ICE!