From a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

[Image: The Star, SIRIUS]

When people contact me about my psychic class or email me from the web, they often begin their communication with a caveat. They tell me that they believe they are from somewhere else. In other words, not from Earth.

I have often wondered about the high percentage of communications that I receive that are like this. It’s true that I’m more prone to receive this type of communication due to my profession. However, I have given this some thought.

First of all, as one begins to evolve in consciousness, there can be a sense of separation from “the consensus” which quite naturally leaves one feeling different. And one can also suddenly realize that this feeling of separation has always been present. If the call to evolve into an individuated state is strong (depending upon the person’s evolution), there can develop a rather large distaste for the people of Earth. “I’m NOT one of THEM!” That’s understandable; having just looked around with a new set of eyes, who would want to be identified as part of the human race! Just look at the atrocities we’ve subjected one another to over the centuries; its understandable. But it’s a phase on the way from individuating to becoming more spiritualized.

Also, I think that sometimes certain souls are here to incorporate lessons in becoming part of society and to learn to merge with others. It can be a cop out to adopt and ET identity in that case which would be easy to do, especially for someone who watches a lot of Star Trek.

Other times, it can be an ego trip–looking for that “special identity”, different from the norm. It doesn’t take the intellect of a rocket scientist to understand whether there’s an actual dysfunction occurring in the personality or not.

Secondly, as the consciousness expands, an individual can recall states of consciousness from prior lives or perhaps even between lives in which peace and harmony reigned. After all, who wouldn’t want to remember that and desire to return to it?

But does all this mean we’re actually from another galaxy or star system? Maybe so—I don’t have all the answers. Maybe so.

I’ve been told that I’m from Sirius—that by a psychic teacher who interrupted a lecture in front of about 100 students to tell me so! He said that he couldn’t carry on with the lecture he was presently giving until he communicated that. Apparently, someone was whispering in his ear and he was quite irritated about it. I just sat there overwhelmed and embarrassed.

Yet, this correlated with my experience. At that time of my life I was spending nearly every evening on my screened in back porch, sitting on a lawn chair looking at the night sky. I was intuiting that one particular glowing blue star was my home. I was having some difficulties in life at that time, and felt this overwhelming desire to return home to that star!

I spoke to no one about it and barely believed my own thoughts and longings at that time. Later, after the psychic teacher told me that I was from Sirius, I learned that the very star that I’d been calling my home in my private thoughts actually was Sirius.

So am I an ET and am I from some galaxy far, far away? I still don’t know the answer to that for certain. Have I wanted to identify home with someplace else rather than Earth? Yes. And I used to feel like I didn’t quite fit in either, but have to admit that the more that I’ve developed a sense of belonging within myself, the less it bothers me. Will I ever identify with consensus level thinkers? I’m still trying, and it can be a struggle sometimes. Yet, I still have to integrate into society somehow no matter what galaxy or star system I may be from. After all, I have a purpose here. And so do you.

We’re here for a reason and running around calling ourselves an ET really has no point, whether it’s true or not.

Yet, I have to admit that when a muggle asks me where I’m from, I still whisper to myself, “…from a galaxy far, far away”–or at least maybe from Sirius!