Obama’s Address Congress Tonight–An Astrological Opportune Time?

In the last blog post I wrote that the Sun and Moon conjunction would be Tuesday night the 24th around 9 pm Eastern Time.

That simply means that the Sun and Moon would be in very close alignment in the heavens at that time.

The meaning of a conjunction is the merging or blending of energy–in this case, the Sun and Moon.

I’d actually forgotten that 9 pm Eastern was the time of US President Obama’s Address to Congress & the American people.

The Sun/Moon conjunction was nearly exact around 4pm Eastern.
But at 9 pm, there was only about a 2 degree separation–still a powerful conjunction!

His Sun and Moon were transiting through his 1st house at 9 pmthe house ruled by the fiery red planet Mars, also known as the passionate warrior. The 1st house is the house of “self”–personal identity. Any planets there infuse ones sense of identity, personality.
Clearly, the Sun and Moon here in this Mars-ruled house could be a definite benefit when giving a speech! (Sun & Moon in Pisces)

At 9 pm Jupiter and Mercury were making a conjunction too, with only 1 degree of separation. That’s pretty tight. (Jupiter & Mercury in Aquarius)

His Jupiter/Mercury were transiting through his 12th house–the house of self-transcendence and higher levels of consciousness.

Look at all that energy and how it was merging!

Its true for all of us too, actually.

Sun and Moon as well as Jupiter and Mercury were conjunct in everyone’s chart!

These 4 transiting points were blending in not only his consciousness (aka transiting chart), but in each of ours too! As above, so below.

Using a few brief keywords to add more flavor:
Sun purpose, light, will power, operational self-image
Moonemotion, ability to respond emotionally, sensitivity

Merging those two energies… what do you get? You tell me! Did you watch his address?

Mercury left brain, intelligence, transmission of information, talking, teaching, communication
Jupiterright brain, faith, vitality and confidence, belief, truth, lifting of spirits, optimism

Mercury and Jupiter shoulder to shoulder in the heavens!

Toss into the mixture of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter with large portion of Aquarius and Pisces which are the signs of freedom, change, liberation, and innovation (Aquarius) and universal consciousness itself (Pisces).

And since Aquarius rules the 11th house of community and Pisces rules the 12th house of higher levels of consciousness, toss in the keywords community & consciousness to the mixture.

Stir well. And what do you get?

Well, from me you get these questions:

  • Did Obama consult an astrologer to find out which was the most prestigious day to give this speech?
  • And if so, did he schedule this day and time in advance?
  • Or was this some sort of unintentional Diving Timing?

    By the way, President Regan consulted astrologers all the time, you know.