The Moon is still in Cap. Good day for study I guess and I did some of that. What else? Astrology, of course!

My thoughts are meandering toward the weather. Not such a hot topic to write about–pardon the pun. People write about the weather when they have nothing more constructive to say. Maybe that’s the deal right now.

Not too many deep thoughts today–surface stuff, about the economy. Well, who wants to go THERE, right? That’s Capricorn flavoring my mood, I suppose.

I’ve got Cap on the cusp of my 6th; no planets there. But its the polarity point to Pluto. Well, I told ya’–I warned ya’! I’ve had astrology on my mind all day. PLUS I’m cold.

The fire (fireplace) isn’t kicking out much heat tonight. I’m out of here; going to take a hot bath, get some hot tea and grab a book and crawl under my down comforter. Snow tomorrow… again! Or that’s what the weather man says. Why not? I think the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter–its been a long, cold one this year. Well, that’s Capricorn flavoring my mood again. Ha!

Okay, that’s IT! Where’s my astrology book… I’m grabbing it and shutting down my computer.

See ya’ ~ Joy