Aquarius! And a Dialogue on KARMA

Right about the time I made last night’s post (a few minutes after 9 pm Eastern time), the Moon was moving into Aquarius. And that’s where we are now–Aquarius. “This is the dawning of the…..”, you know the rest. Okay! I’m suppressing that tune in my head now so that I can write this.

I have no idea how the Aquarian Moon will affect me today. I’m writing this at mid-day today. Until now, I’ve made blog posts at the end of the day. I will have to observe and correlate my mood today to learn about the Aquarian Moon.

I’ve heard “detached emotions” in connection with Aquarian Moon’s–nobody that I know personally (family/friends) has a natal Moon in Aquarius. So, I will observe and correlate my Mood today and note it–either later on today, by making another journal entry at day’s end, or in tomorrow’s blog. That’s Good Lord Willen’ and the Creek Don’t Rise, as they say.

Well, maybe that’s Aquarius energy right there! Making this post at a different time of day–Aquarius, the rebel; doing things differently! haha

Tonight I give a little teaching for my Psychic Class students, as I’ve been doing monthly for a while now. I’m usually pretty wiped out by the end of those; so I may not blog again until tomorrow. Anyway–that’s not my point. And honestly, that’s a question that I ask myself a lot when I think or write. I say to myself, “And the point IS??? –WHAT EXACTLY????” Otherwise, what’s the point? hahaha

I want to think about this Aquarian Moon again–mind is meandering that way now. Before doing that, and for the record–I wanted to celebrate life for a moment.

Just a comment right now on one of life’s great pleasures (for me) these days: it’s when I wake up in the morning, feeling a bit cold this time of year, and learn that the fire hasn’t gone completely out overnight–Yay! (Starting a fire from scratch is at the bottom of the list right there along with cleaning the bathroom–it’s got to be done, but I don’t want to do it! I do it anyway.)

Anyway, last night the fire didn’t go completely out and I was able kick-start it this morning–Ahhh, here’s to life’s simple pleasures! (As I raise my coffee cup in a toast to the good life!)

So the transiting Aquarian Moon–well, its going to hit the fan as the saying goes. That Moon will cross over a slew of inner and outer planets in the next few days–in everybody’s chart!

“This week the Transiting Moon Hits a Slew of other Transiting Inner and Outer Planets, Including the Transiting North Node! Check Your Charts Folks, Check Your Charts!”

That’d be today’s cry if I was the Town Crier. It should be an interesting few days to observe–the mood/the emotional body will be combining with quite a cast of characters!
And I want to record that list for myself here, just in case I want to check back on this quickly over the next few days. In order of conjunction, here’s how it will go. The Transiting Moon will pass over:

  • North Node, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Chiron, Neptune

Then in my case, it will cross my Descendant having a conversation with my Natal Pallas as it does so–and that looks to be around midnight Tuesday night. Pallas–Defender of Truth! Pallas and my Moon doing a dance in Aquarius? Who knows what that may look like? But at midnight it happens, so how much trouble can I get into at that time of night anyway? hahaha

Then the Moon goes into Pisces where it runs into Transiting

  • Sun, MC, Uranus

That sounds like fun (NOT).

Then the Moon is crossing into my 8th on the 26th. It hits Transiting Venus next which transits my 8th on the 27th (Friday) making an exact conjunction around 7 pm–8th house. Venus can be about $$ and so can the 8th house. Anyway….

The Transiting Moon goes into Aries late in the day on the 26th, which is Thursday.

Note to self: check out the money situation Friday, the 27th, in the evening around 7 pm and how you’re feeling emotionally about it; Moon conjunct Venus in Aries.

Okay, enough of that. I had something ELSE in mind to write about when I started this post. So much for the unintended detour. I told you–who knows where we’ll end up?

Hang on a sec… I’ve got to get another cup of coffee! By the way, the weather man was right… it’s snowing.

OK. What I really wanted to post about has to do with Karma. What brought this to mind was that I also awoke to something that is NOT one of life’s pleasures this morning. I won’t bore you with the details; but suffice it to say that there’s potentially feelings of huge frustration around this.

Now, a while back in association with this, I began to wonder if it was karma. And you KNOW what they say about karmic things–if you freak out or create some sort of emotional drama, it only comes back until you resolve it peacefully within yourself. I don’t think it means being a sap or a victim to life in any way. It’s just–why get upset?

Aside from doing a number on yourself, what you resists persists. May as well make peace with it. What I’m talking about is a petty thing really and if I focus on it, I can make it a huge issue; we can all respond any way we want to life–free will.

But with these little frustrations of life (or even the big ones), IF we can look at it as life simply playing out the energy of something we may have set up for ourselves in the past which we have to experience in the future (now), that’s simply karma–that view of it makes life a little easier to take.

One of the mind tricks I play on myself at the time of this frustration is to say to myself, “Well, okay Joy, maybe you’ve got some karma coming to you for some reason…”–maybe somewhere in the past (this life or another), I was ‘unkind to one of the children of the Universe’, quoting Steve Forrest. And just as karma always works, when it is ripe, it comes around–like a train nothing can stop, you know?

And then I continue to say to myself, “… if this minor frustration is all the bad karma you have to deal with, you’re doing pretty good!” Then I instruct myself not to create further karma by calming down and just dealing with it in the most peaceful way possible.

The idea being that if I sent out anger to the universe in response, guess where it’s coming back? To me! Where else does it have to go? I mean it will end up right back at me, see my point?

So, let’s say that I’ve sent out anger in response to some karmic event playing out. It will most assuredly come back in the form of another event that (potentially can) create anger again, you see? Then I’ve got, yet another, karmic opportunity to deal with the situation. And this time I can deal with it emotionally from a place of acceptance, peace and love.

It doesn’t no good to argue with life anyway. When you argue with life (what IS), you always loose. What is, is.

But the whole thing is that I don’t think we can really know for sure if life’s potentially dis-pleasurable situations or events or circumstances are always karmic–but just in case they are, why not try to see them that way?

So then, if karma has ripened and I’ve got things coming to me….and this is the worst that it gets, I can actually celebrate that! My favorite saying is, “It could always be worse”, and that flips things internally. Do you know what I mean?

And in the process of my meandering mental motion on this whole karmic deal, I thought of my dad. And I had to laugh, because my Dad used to say, “Okay, maybe I’ve got that coming… “ And I didn’t realize (until just now) that my father used to say that a lot. Mostly in arguments with my mother he’d say that, but I do remember an occasion when he said that to me.

It was when I was a teenager and was being (as teenager’s can be) disrespectful to him. And he said to me, “Okay, maybe I’ve got that coming…” and then he admitted his failings as a father, but then he added, “…but I’m still your father!”

The point being that it seems that my dad may have had some subconscious understanding of karma–he must have. Because, as I sit and think about it now, he seemed to say, “Maybe I had that coming….” enough times that I can remember it. He wasn’t coming from a victim standpoint–Dad wasn’t like that. Maybe it was more like a deep internal understanding of karma.

Anyway, I wrote too much today. No more mental musings here!

And now on with the show… life!