Opening the Page

Well, this is the start of who knows what? Probably me talking to myself!
But who knows? Spirit Guides or the like may pop in during these blog posts; they’re certainly welcome.
See the picture? That’s what I should be doing instead of creating a blog and posting on it. Either that or I should be exercising!
(Guilt arises!)
I did some astrology work for someone recently and was sent a link to his blog and when I got there, I thought, Oh, what the heck; maybe I’ll create one too! I tried this before but became frustrated because it seemed too complicated at the time.
But now? Not so difficult… probably that’s an indication of how my computer frustration level has lessened since way back when.
I spent quite a few hours on a chart today; piecing it together, finding the theme–Note to Staff: I’ve got to get faster at this!
(Sometimes I call my spirit helpers my staff! They have a sense of humor; really they do.)
So I’m making a post for whatever it’s worth. Actually, I can suddenly see how blogging would be a good way to kind-of center, perhaps focus the thoughts.
Yet, I really don’t expect to do much of that with a blog entitled “Meandering Mental Motion”! haha I intend to keep faithful to that title.
I’m debating whether or not to link this thing to my website…. I don’t want to meander myself into projecting an image of someone who is …. well, the heck with it. Everyone else is doing it these days!
I have more serious pursuits in life and I want this one (if I keep at this blog) to be freeflowing and fun.
I do enough teaching with my work and in the psychic classes… this meandering blog path might end up being some form of therapy for me. ha ha
But I don’t mind sharing it with you dear reader. Actually, who knows if anyone will ever read it anyway. I wouldn’t blame anyone for that!
Today everyone is so busy and worried about the economy… who wants to read what a crazy psychic writes when she’s allowing her mind to meander? And now I’m about to meander into a confession.
Confession is good for the Soul they say. Here it is: I don’t take proper care of my body.
I’m too mental sometimes; either that or I’m out in spirit world somewhere.
Between teaching psychic development and studying astrology and doing psychic readings–I can get too into it. You know, involved mentally.
And then before you know it, the day is over and I realize I didn’t do my workout and hardly drank enough water and what the heck did I shove into my mouth during the day?
(Hurry… go into the kitchen and grab something, anything to put out the fire of hunger so you can get back to doing what you’re doing!)
That’s my confession. I forget I have a body. Or sometimes I’d like to forget! And that’s not good and I need to try harder. I berate myself at the end of the day when I get like this…but actually not for too long. I quickly replace it with self forgiveness and a vow to do better tomorrow.
Heck sometimes I even forget to do my daily meditation until 2 am…. and that’s not good either. But to my credit (patting myself on the back here), that’s one area where I AM consistent.
Well, so much for true confessions. Blogging this is bringing it all out to my awareness for clarity and review. I’ve got to do better, that’s all!
This is enough talking to myself! Spirit Guides, do you have a word to say? Hmmm…. I’m listening, waiting…. haha Well, I’m hearing them say the words, “well rounded”. I don’t know if they’re describing my backside or if they are encouraging me to be well rounded in my daily activities. Probably a little of both… they do talk in parables like that… haha… that’s one thing about my spirit guides, they love to go for those double meanings!
Anyway….I’m out of here for now….